About Smrithii

My initial foray into psychology and prompting the mind towards action began over six years ago when I started off my career in Human Resources. I very quickly saw the interplay between an individual’s ability to become exceptional and how intrinsic language and perception were to their potential success or failure.

When I finally decided that my preferred choice of career was in coaching and guiding individuals towards the best versions of themselves, I chose NLP as the way to start talking about and implementing my vision into actionable steps.

In 2018 I gained my certification as a Licensed NLP Coach from the Society of Neuro linguistic Programming, which I followed with an extensive course on Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and followed it up with a Master NLP Practitioner certification from ICF and ABNLP.

Over this period of extensive learning, I had the opportunity of working with industry leaders like Michael Beale and Vikram Dhar, further cementing my ability to mentor and guide career-driven individuals who have a keen mind and are pegged towards optimizing their potential.

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