NLP Practitioner Program Structure

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The NLP Practitioner Certification program is designed to enable participants with the quintessential knowledge, capability and internalization of the fundamental concepts to become a distinguished practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming . The mode of training for NLP is always experiential learning, the participants will learn to utilize the basic tools and methodologies involving their language, physiology and their neurology to enhance their skills with the NLP framework.

Some of the basic concepts the participants will learn are:

  • Identify the goals, contexts, outcome frame, evidence and backtracking procedures that are at the nexus of a person’s strategy that are used to organize the experiences.
  • Designing well-defined outcomes.
  • Learn strategies for creativity, inspiration, decision- making and motivation.
  • Recognizing the basic representation systems used by themselves and others .
  • Learn to use anchoring.
  • Recognizing and using the basic language patterns.
  • Understanding the concept of Rapport in communication.
  • Realizing and maintaining states of excellence.

The Practitioner program equips the participants with the basic building blocks of NLP. The effective and ethical way to practice NLP techniques comes from experiential learning that takes place throughout the program. Towards the end of the program, the participants will have a solid outcome, evidence framework and behavioral flexibility to :

  • Appreciate and use the representation systems and achieve effectiveness in communication and develop persuasive techniques.
  • Recognize sensory based proclamation of words and learn to match the representational system to persuade others to agree with you.
  • Develop Eye Accessing Cues to build better rapport in your relationships.
  • Calibrate powerful Emotional States to achieve confidence and improve focus.
  • Define and maintain Rapport to improve relationships.
  • Re-frame problematic behavior into resourceful behavior.
  • Design your strategies of excellence.

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