Chronicles of Neuro Linguistic Programming;

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Neuro linguistic Programming was designed more than 40 years ago by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They reviewed, investigated and analysed the approaches used by some of the celebrated psychiatrist and therapists of the day such as Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls, Gregory Bateson and Milton Erickson. As opposed to the most of the scholars at that time, they took an offbeat approach which focussed purely on demonstrating tangible change rather than formulating hypothetical scenarios.

Bandler and Grinder wanted to decode the strategies some of the great thespians of the time adopted or exhibited – what they did differently and how they did it. They formulated ways of these modelling strategies so that any novice can simulate high performances merely following the steps. This is how the modelling of NLP was drafted.

For any method or approach to work well, testing it is required. Hence, they began to test the developed models with all their clients. As the success stories of these models began spreading to a whole range of communities which touched upon domains such as personal coaching, peak performance in sports or in the field of business it started growing leaps and bounds.

All through the annals of NLP , it has had a good number of strong campaigners and a number of strong antagonists or protesters. The protestors perceived NLP through pure academia instead of looking as a tool or curriculum used for modelling excellence and some trainers became pretentions and too forceful about the case they made.

We would recommend that you do your own due diligence while you invest in NLP program. Ensure it makes sense for you and whether you have it in you to enrol for the program.

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