What does Neuro -Linguistic -Programming imply?

The name neuro linguistics programming was introduced when Co-founder Richard Bandler was interrupted by the police for alleged speeding. He was asked what his profession was and came with a name at that instant by looking at some of the cars that he had in his car. Regardless of this incident, the name gives a valuable characterisation of what we do.

Neuro relates to the nervous system. The huge galore of information that goes in through the five senses that further impacts the neurological functions. If you are able to enhance the efficiency with the steady inflow of information, meaning if we tune in better, be more articulate or observe better we can be freer to our own and other people’s experiences. This implies that our brains will make the best choices when we give better information, we also develop rapport between the conscious and the unconscious part.

Linguistics is about the semantics. As you begin to appreciate and are more informed about the linguistics, the framework, the way they are articulated ( the timbre, pitch, tone, texture ), we get better data at making decisions while we engage conscious and the unconscious part in a balanced way.

Programming here specifies habits, style, dispositions or patterns. We establish a pattern either through our conditioning or circumstances we have faced so far. These patterns could be helpful or unhelpful.

So this is the whole enchilada, Neuro Linguistic Programming is using language or semantics to arrange (program) our nervous systems into more effective habits or idiosyncrasies. Success is about establishing the right idiosyncrasies, dispositions or patterns in any circumstances.

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