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Online coaching can be a great option if you want to accommodate significant changes to your life. It is natural to assume that, in order to work therapeutically, or get some life coaching, we need to be able to work together seamlessly. It could be face to face or virtually, the personal touch always has its advantages!

Why you should choose online coaching?


If you have limited portability , then clearly it could be a lot faster for you to communicate via video from your own home or work space rather than having to physically move out! In addition, some of my clients experience high levels of anxiety,stress due to deadlines or non availability of themselves when they are needed at work!


Wherever I work with my clients, I always consider my client’s privacy extremely important. I do not discuss clients with others. For clients who have concerns over others knowing about our sessions, online coaching can make things more secure. Those of my clients who are in the public eye generally prefer this.

It may also be that clients want to keep their work with me private from loved ones. Sometimes I have both husband and wife as clients and they demand privacy. If we work together virtually you can be anywhere. You could Skype me from home or office or a hotel room!


When you are looking for a coach for the first time to help you, there are many aspects that can impact your choice. Having to settle on a locally available coach can potentially limit the kind of comfort or guidance you can get. If there are no local NLP coaches, for example, that you feel are able to address your unique challenges, you are not going to get the results you want. Timeline Therapy or Ericksonian Hypnosis, few of the key techniques that can be very powerful in both a coaching and therapy setting, may not be available near you.

By recognizing the opportunity that can be provided by online coaching you can expand the field of potential practitioners almost without any cap. You can choose who you work with based solely on the results you can get out of the sessions!

How to get started?

If you would like to organize a discovery session online with me and are not familiar with the technology or software, I am happy to talk you through setting this up. For virtual services you will need a fast broadband/ good internet connection . I currently favour Skype or google meet, but if you prefer something else just let me know we can work it out!

You can schedule a discovery call here.

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