Our Coaching Package

Photo by Vanessa Garcia on Pexels.com

Enrolling for our Coaching Package ensures that we are always there for you. Sometimes it can feel so good to be aware that whatever is going on in your life, there is one person you can always talk to who can be completely understand what is happening and make sense of the situation:

  • Through thick and thin of your life experiences;
  • Someone who is there to listen to you;
  • One reliable person to hold your hand during challenging times ;
  • Someone who knows what drives you;
  • Somebody with the knowledge of tools and techniques that you need to apply to help you move forward;
  • Someone to give you a hard push when you don’t have the strength left in you;
  • Somebody to remind of you why you are here and what you value the most in your life.

For you, I have created two modules that provide ongoing steady support. The sessions are delivered virtually over Skype (primarily). You can enroll for these packages, but scheduling a call with me here.

Because of the nature of the Personal Coaching Packages I only offer a limited number. Providing this service is a considerable use of my resources, your valuable time, and there is just one of me! If there are no packages available right now then do come back from time to time and check, or purchase individual sessions or 12 session Module in the mean-time until I have availability again. To know more about the 12 Session Module click here.

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