Backtrack Frame

This NLP Frame is used to check whether everyone is on the same page while concluding meetings, or updating the group on new approaches or realigning the discussion during meetings. Backtracking is achieved by reassessing the available information using the tonality and keywords of the people who identified the issue.

We have understood the way we organize information through our filters, and since each individual’s filter is different from the other – The map is not the territory. We tend to conclude different things, with Backtracking we can avoid understanding things in different ways and ensure whether everyone has understood the same things because this helps everyone to be onboard towards a collective outcome.

We train individuals to develop a solid backtrack mechanism through our NLP Practitioner programs. As you may understand that these skills are crucial in closing #sales we train individuals in our Sales Mastery program.

#motivation,#growth,#growthmindset, #Transformation, #neurolinguisticprogramming

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