Meta Model – Association and Dissociation

Are you seeing through your own eyes ( Associated) or can you see yourself in the picture ( Dissociated) ?

Associated – Memory , images or cerebration as viewed via your own eyes is association.

Dissociated – Ability to see yourself from a distance or in a picture.

These jargon’s are used in NLP Framework to signify an individual’s aspect of the map of the world. Being aware of this distinction will help you to achieve your desired goals with ease.

Imagine for a moment, about the journey from home to work. You can alter this experience of your journey and make it better or worse by getting creative about the different ways to travel. Observe whether you are seeing the roads through your eyes or you are seeing yourself travel as if watching a movie?

When is it helpful to be in a state of association?

  • When you are actively visualizing accomplishing your goals, you associate into the emotional state and see the context of the goal as if they were real.
  • You can use this to think about a future event and your emotional state that goes with it.
  • When you are trying reminisce something memorable, from the past experiences.

When is it helpful to be in a state of Dissociation?

  • When you complete a task to make a goal compelling, such as when you are practicing Well-defined outcomes that are taught in the NLP Practitioner training.
  • To look at things objectively, in order to get better perspective.
  • To look at things from different directions , say for instance when you are practicing Time line Therapy, you need to dissociate yourself to see things from different places.

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