T.O.T.E Model for Strategies

T.O.T.E stands for Test Operate Test Execute which is a concept based on computer modeling. The first step is a cue that feeds the strategy, this cue establishes the criteria for feed forward which is then used as a rule for the second test. The “operate” accesses the data by recalling, creating, or getting the information that is required by the strategy from the internal and external maps of the world. The second test is a similarity between some characteristics of the obtained data with the touchstone established by the first test. The two things emulated must be characterised by the same representation system. The “exit” or “choice point” is a characterization of the results of the test. If there is an equivalent then the strategy exits, if not then the strategy goes into the same loop again.

The strategy will recycle by going through the following touchpoints:

  • Redefining the outcome or refocusing the strategy perse.
  • Modifying the yardstick by chunking up or chunking down or reestablishing it.
  • Distilling or further identifying the outcome.
  • Retrieving more details.

It is important to check for the Well-formedness of the outcome. Some of the conditions to be checked are:

  • Whether the outcome is well defined structurally.
  • Uses the major representation systems – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory.
  • At least three points in every loop
  • Every loop including an exit or a choice point.
  • Uses optimal steps to achieve the final outcome,
  • Has the sensory submodalities compelling enough to achieve the outcome.
  • Focused on the positive intent of the outcome rather than the negative consequences.
  • Reduces inadequate, inferior, and unpleasant feelings.

Sample Questions to Elicit TOTE Strategy:

TEST: What let you know that it was the stage to determine? When did you to make it a point to decide?

Operate: What let you know that there were other choices? How do you generally generate choices?

Test: Do you evaluate your choices? What criteria has to be fulfilled in order for you to decide the choice?

Exit: How do you determine which choice to select? What lets you know that you have zeroed on your choice?

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