4 Ways to Use the Power of Journaling for Growth

Coaches generally recommend journaling while working with their clients. As coaches we are focussed on stimulating our clients to grow and experience the inner journey. So any tool or activity that enables this inner journey is useful.

It is important to bare in mind, whenever you recommend journaling to your clients, the outcome of the process depends on the individual and the style of journaling.

To make the process of journaling a success, you need to validate with some checkpoints to ensure journaling is positive and fruitful.

You need to check on the below pointers before you journal:

  • Are you constantly focussed on negative aspects?
  • Are you reliving stressful experiences as it were happening in front of you?
  • Are you constantly contemplating without observing or discerning?
  • Are you trying to be too controlling without spontaneity?

Say you were to journal, you are musing over the negative aspects of your life while you write,then this will increase stress and anxiety in your life. While diffusing your emotions while writing can be cleansing, it should not be the primary focus of journaling.

So, how do you actually benefit from journaling?

  • If you are an individual who values personal growth and soul searching then it will be worth your time.
  • If you are an individual who is trying to strike a balance between emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual arenas, then journaling can be beneficial.

A common pitfall while journaling is when you inspire to journal without giving proper guidelines. Clients may get perplexed at the thought of journaling without a proper structure. When you are journaling for the soul purpose of healing and self growth you need to consider structuring , pacing and discipline.

Below are the 4 types of good practices for journaling:

  • Sentence Semantics : This type of journaling provides prompts and the client can find it easy to continue writing. For instance: Today, I became aware of ……; When I operate at my best I generally do things such as …..; When I am confident I feel like…. I talk like…..I portray myself like…..; My greatest accomplishment so far is/ are…….;
  • Standardized writing : This type of journaling brings focus to a particular challenge that needs to be addressed. This can be followed by investing 5 – 10 minutes and not more than that in a day.
  • Checklist manifesto: One of the best part of journaling is creating lists, when you create list it is exhilarating and makes you think on paper. You can use checklists to identify say, 10 strenghths, 20 weaknesses, 15 action items for the week/month / year , etc.
  • Capturing the goodness in your life: This type of journaling was used since Victorian era. One simply chronicles the best experiences onto a diary. This can be coupled with Wheel of life and you can start writing from each area of your life.

I have listed 4 best #practices to journal in this article. However, there are countless ways you can use to journaling your way. Always bare in mind , the outcome of #journaling should make your #life easy.

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