Simple exercise to Manifest your deep desires!

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There is a clear connection between your beliefs and the way you lead your life. If you believe that something is possible, then that becomes possible. It is not anticipated to have something that you do not believe is in your control to obtain.

We all know by now that there is a clear relationship between our beliefs and the shape of our lives. If you believe a thing is possible, then that thing becomes possible. It is not very likely that you can have something you don’t believe is in your power to obtain.

One of the most influential tools that is used by individuals across the universe to define and reinforce their beliefs is the tool of manifestation. Manifestation is a process of visualizing something , be it a new home, new job, new partner, new car, as a way of receiving the very commodity you desire. Thoughts when visualized become realities!

Lets learn a couple of exercises that you can carry out in a secluded space to acuminate your ability to manifest. It would only take a few minutes to carry out the activity, the end result is you will get acclimatized to adopting a powerful mindset that leads to a life filled wit abundance.

Visualize buying the Car of your Dreams!

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Give yourself about exactly 5 minutes to relax in a comfortable chair. Write down all the things at the back of your mind onto a piece of paper before you begin this activity. Focus on your breathing, for 2 minutes and sit on a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and begin to see the back of your hands holding the steering wheel, feel the texture of the material on the steering wheel. Imagine the soft cushion seats supporting your back, imagine slowly putting your leg on the accelerator and how swiftly the car moves forward. Imagine driving away from the car dealership in your brand new mint condition car. Slowly bring your focus to the smell of the upholstery inside the car, and the soft hum made by the engine as you drive the car. Imagine driving on your favorite driveway at the speed that is comfortable to you, stay there with all these awareness for exactly 10 minutes!

While you are experiencing this drive let all your worries such as how you paid for this car or where you would park or who would say what when they see you owning this car fade away into the background. Focus on strengthening your beliefs!

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