Strategies in NLP

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A strategy is when you are able to repeat a specific syntax that constitutes your external or /and internal experience which has the ability to produce a specific successful outcome. As Humans, we experience our maps of the world in our preferred representation systems. To understand this sequence it is wise to direct our focus more on the outcome rather than the procedure we follow.

We can begin by discovering a persons strategy by the process of eliciting the elements going into it. The second step is to utilize this strategy and feedback information to the individual in the exact sequence it was elicited. The third step is to modify the strategy to accomodate desired outcome and the final step is to install a new effective strategy in the place of old ineffective strategy.

Everything we do involves a strategy whether we like it or not, whether we choose to follow through on a task to completion or not involves strategies.

You can find some of the components and elements that are involved in strategy with the help of the below diagram.

Visual –> External or internal –> Constructed or Remembered

Auditory –> External or internal –> Constructed or Remembered

Kinesthetic–> External or internal –> Constructed or Remembered –> Proprioceptive or Tactile or Meta

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