Visualization Technique #1 Vision Board

A Vision board is a way of engaging your visual sub modality to represent your aspirations, desires, goals – Financial, social and physical onto a board that is irresistible for you to achieve!

Constructing a vision board is a reasonable, zero cost way of associating with your aspirations for your future. The vision boards can be used by organically obtained objects such as magazines, newspapers or DIY paintings or words.

When you devise a vision board, you will be carefully classifying, analyzing , labeling all the things that are important for you that are tangible with respect to the goal! You will be brainstorming what it means for you to achieve a particular goal, who is the person you will be? who are the people that are going to be around you ? What else?

Ensure that your vision board is personal and exclusive to you – all the things that drives you to achieve your goals should ideally go on the board. Use affirmations, picture representations of all the things that means goal achievement.

Your vision board is a great source of inspiration to have at your personal space, cubicle , screensaver or simply at a place where you are around most of the time!

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