4 Ways To Attract Wealth Instantly!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

There are lot of people out there who believe that you can manifest anything in 14 days, but what if the process is complicated for you to follow ? You give up on the second or third day, isn’t it?

It is entirely possible to manifest wealth! You just have to practice the method right! You will manifest your money goals easily and effortlessly into your life!

Whether you want to venture into a new start up , marry your dream partner, hitchhike the world or increase your influence, if you have abundance of wealth it will certainly make your life better, financial success is portal to all other successes that follows. That brings us to experimenting with 6 of the techniques we will discuss here!

Attract Wealth #1 : Direct your awareness on Abundance

When you direct your attention towards abundance, you will prime yourself to accept more in life! Maintain a journal from today, record 10 things that you are grateful for each day! Before going to bed close your eyes and fill your heart with profound sense of gratitude for all the things in life!

Attract Wealth #2 : Spin the Personal Script!

When you are struggling to attract wealth, your inner critical voice will repeatedly tell you that you can’t. Most of the time it sabotages your effort to move further towards wealth!

Whenever you become aware of these negative scripts , spin it and direct your awareness on the things you already have. When you are concerned you begin to worry whether you will be successful in your journey, you can use commands such as “Shut the Fuck up” (as Richard Bandler says) , this should be enough to stop the thought right away!

Attract Wealth #3 : Values Alignment

When you begin to invest money on things that matter to you will attract wealth effortlessly. When there is a conflict between the way you live and your values you get into the crossfire of having more money versus spending. It is wise to develop a healthy relationship with money so that you do not bicker when you spend and you enjoy the process!

Do understand more about your values associated with spending you can follow the steps below:

  1. Write down 3 most significant experiences of your life so far!
  2. Try to summarize these experiences with a word and assign a value of priority.
  3. Determine the common idea that surfaces from these experience?

Attract Wealth #4 : Reality Check

Manifesting wealth is about taking a hard look at your current financial situations and conditions. One should be in a place to ask for help if things are taking a bad turn! You need to acknowledge the current situation and then slowly move to the desired outcome!

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