Stimulus Response Conditioning

Do you remember your school song from your #childhood? Or do you remember a song, that you used to sing with your best #friends in your school? Or a song which you shared with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Or a song that you played on your piano or any other musical instrument ?

When you hear a particular song that you used to sing when you were young, it elicits some strong emotions, memories and remembrances of those days in a fraction of a second. These are called as #triggers, to a response caused by the stimulus which is the song or a tune in this case. The interesting thing about ‘triggers’ is that you can actually create them to use for your own #benefit.

You can attach a meaning to these triggers and recall this whenever you fire it off. The benefit of creating triggers is that it anchors a powerful states in your mind, and when you trigger by using a physical anchor such as slapping your wrists or pinching yourself or pressing two fingers you are sending yourself into powerful state Your emotions will be in a heightened state when you fire a trigger, and you will be in more control than before.

Triggers can be designed with the below stimuli:

  • A particular tune
  • A thought
  • Physical anchors
  • Using body language and specific gestures.
  • Words
  • Pictures
  • Taste of particular food
  • Fragrance of a particular object.





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