Hypnosis for Wealth Mastery

Have you ever been in a trance before…right now? Did you experience that state as being similar to the waking state l, or different from the waking state? You can begin to feel comfortable by resting your arms gently, on your thighs, can you not?

Can you allow those arms to rest soo lightly that the tips touch your thighs? Can you make sure the hands and fingertips barely touch the thighs?

That’s right , as you read this blog , are you able to notice yet, that your hands tend to lift up a tiny bit all by themselves with each deep breath you take?

Now can you imagine looking at a spot that you would want to look at comfortably? As you imagine staring at the spot in your mind for a while do you notice that your eyelids are getting heavy and may want to blink? Will u ur eye lids blink one at a time .. twice.. three times before they close altogether?

That’s right…what just happened was that you were experiencing an altered emotional state. You can use this altered state of mind to conquer phobias, reduce anxiety , banish panic , build self confidence, overcome pain, and reduce stress. It is not merely getting into the altered state but the therapy that takes place when you are in the altered state that makes the difference.

Here is a Free Hypnosis for wealth manifestation!

Listen on Anchor !

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