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As we are towards the end of the first quarter of 2021 let’s check how much we have de- cluttered our minds and our environment. We have survived a difficult year and come so far , disorganised and cluttered environment can add stress and disorder to the already work from home situation due to the pandemic. Clutter can become a snag to finding your essentials, cuting into precious work hours adding another tier to your frustration especially when you are working in a tight schedule. Sometimes your productivity may get affected making you hop from one task to another barely making it through!

When you have experienced a long day the last thing you wish to see is half done work staring at you to be completed. If you ar like most of the people you are slowly getting into burn out mode, on the contrary when you have order in your environment, the stress is reduced to a great level. You feel calmer, in control and grounded. Having order in life gives you more balanced and constant.

Nature abhors Vacuum


When you clear your mind, it gets filled with something else, when someone resigns from a position in the organization, there is always someone else to fill the space, in the same way when you get rid of things that no longer serve you well, you leave a vacuum if left for a long time gets filled with the same thing most of the time. This is one of the reason, one has to re frame unhealthy habits or behavior into something useful.

Clearing your environment, or unwanted objects from your workspace is equally important to de-cluttering the things on your back burner. You can begin to organize by categorizing into 4 categories:

  1. The Guardian: This category belongs to the essential objects that you use on a day to day basis and keeps your life organized. The thoughts falling under this category keep you centered , grounded and focused. This builds your ability to bounce back from set backs. Some of the practice that fall under this category are: Tai-chi, Yoga, meditation, physical exercise and balanced diet.
  2. The expunge: This category belongs to all the things that you once wished you would use but did not use. It could be the stuff you hoarded from when you were in your teens, the stack of magazines from 10 years that you were planning to read sometime, some of your behaviors that no longer serve you well, some of the character traits such as anger, lack of confidence that makes you stagnant in your professional roles.
  3. Re-frame: When I grew up , i had relatives who bought fancy carpet and then locked it and kept it safe, i had relatives who bought music instruments and locked it away so that you did not have to maintain it. Sometimes i wonder they should have lived within the boundaries such as a portrait! They could have taken a snapshot of the dream house they dreamed of owning but died instead and hung the photo in the place of the dream house. If you are in this category, now is the time you begin to reassess your priorities, you maybe dwelling too much on taking risks rather than living your life to the fullest.
  4. Goodwill ambassador: Imagine all the things you have that are still in mint condition but are no longer required , maybe you bought a new iPod when your old iPod is still working . What would happen if you donated that to someone else, while we make a list of objects pay attention to the behaviors and thoughts processes or insights that could be beneficial to someone else. Perhaps you could start a support group and start helping people in ways you can!

Imagine what you want to replace from your own life in 2021: it could be better habits, a slower pace, more rewarding relationships, a well balanced lifestyle, a stretch outside your comfort zone, or an overall more positive outlook. Ponder on the ways you can create an impact on your life!

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