Metaprograms in NLP : Are you ‘moving away from’ or a ‘moving towards something’ person?

Is your map of the world empowering or dis-empowering? What are some of the beliefs you have about yourself and others ? How we respond to our world can brighten our world or make it dark! Two individuals witnessing an event can have two different perceptions about their experiences. All of us filter our experience through our five senses – Visual, Auditory, Gustatory, Kinesthetic and Olfactory and to top it of we have our own set of values, beliefs and other metaprograms about life.

Metaprograms are the way you approach life! They are the mechanisms you attach meaning to events in life, in this article we are considering one of the 7 metaprograms in NLP.

Moving Towards People

An individual who has a ‘Moving Towards’ approach, will direct his focus on goals to be accomplished, or tasks to be fulfilled. They may anticipate experiences or events in the future and are willing to grow. If you think you fall under this category, your view is to look at what you accomplish of any situation, you are quick in decision making or if you put your mind to something you tend to follow through to completion. Sometimes your enthusiasm may get you to take too many risks so be aware of what you do!

A person with this filter are best suited to drive a project, organize events , run successful enterprise and bring new projects!

Moving Away from People

If you are an individual who is always trying to avoid pain , you belong to this frame! You are constantly on the lookout for avoiding problems that come your way. If you are given an opportunity, your primary focus would be at the things that may go wrong and the steps you may take to prevent it! It is easy to perceive a ‘Moving away from’ individual is constantly anxious and may also be apprehensive about committing to new things! However if you need someone to do risk analysis a’moving away from’ individual is the best person to do the due diligence. They will give you lengthy pointers on things you need to prepared for be it business, or any other ventures you show interest in!

What does this Metaprogram mean to you anyways?

This article is to expand your awareness and make you more self aware of your natural tendencies ! Now that you are aware, you can meticulously choose your filter to get the outcome you want! You can always change the way you see the world, there is an NLP process that can empower you to shift your metaprogram if you feel your primary preference is not serving you well! You can see a major shift in your life experiences when you toggle from one metaprogram to another. Before you make the leap you need to check whether it would harm your ecosystem or not! If you think you need assistance with this, then reach out to us by scheduling a call here. If you want to keep yourself updated with new tools and techniques to make your life better then subscribe to my blog

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