When curiosity can be a way to deal with anxiety!

Among all our human abilities, curiosity is the most quintessential quality one can ever aquire. From learning to survive in this world , to discovering things that never existed before, curiosity is the greatest boon to mankind.

During 2020, I observed a 5 day cleansing detox ritual. With the covid situation reaching its peak, with media, friends and family entering into a panic mode of how to deal with the situation, her I was shutting myself from all the stimulus and trying to detox myself mentally and physically.
All I did was to not talk ,but to observe the quality of my thoughts for the five days. It was very challenging on the first day as I felt my head begin to explode with too many things, on the second day I simply adopted a mindset of curiosity, I began to say hmm whenever I felt there were too many dialogues in my mind, I did not resist the thoughts I simply said hmm, the moment I started saying hmm something amazing began to happen in my mind. There was a huge emotional weight lifted off from my mind, and I felt lighter.

On the third day, with this amazing feeling, I began to get curios about my thought processes, now that the resistance had come down I was much more in control. Getting curious helped me to take a step back and reassess what was going on , I began to explore what else could this mean, I explored the positive intent behind the thoughts and feelings, I even began to formulate a plan to know which of the areas in my life I could use in these thoughts as an ally, and I moved slowly from frustration to fascination which was a deeply transforming process.

Over the years, I teach my clients to follow this ritual to cleanse their mind if they ar experiencing high levels of anxiety. The key to this technique is self discipline, because you will be monitoring yourself, and you are accountable to yourself.

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