Don’t You Know How to Live?

Successful coaches engage in work that is similar to a sculptor’s work. They see the potential in their client, and then they help the client emerge out of the mould that surrounding them. Soon the client begins to feel a new sense of freedom from believing in himself or having more faith in himself.

The term “coaching” is associated to the world of sports predominantly. That’s why they call it coaching instead of “consulting” or “advising” or “mentoring.”

There was once a time when there was no coaching for individuals like you and me. There was only coaching for athletes and stage artists. (Those superstars had strength coaches, voice coaches, and dialect coaches; and so on. For you and me? There were nobody to show the ropes in life coaching)

But soon a personal growth movement began to gain traction,there was an opportunity to explore life coaching. Individuals became more empowered. Individuals began to seek help to make their life more interesting and did not stick to the mundane jobs in fortune 500 companies and die without creating any impact on people around them.

There was a huge rise in entrepreneurs and small business owners. There was the struggle.between starting own enterprise versus sticking to the mundane job for financial security. Those who wanted to create an impact in their own life’s began to seek life coaches to make the most of what they have got !

There is this nagging question that comes to.ones mind – if you want to achieve something you might as well get it done by yourself , why do you need a coach ? After all don’t you know about your life already? Haven’t you learnt how to live or lead your life already ?

Individuals asking these questions also are aware that they can’t reinvent the wheel, they need to seek answers for life’s tough challenges from outside themselves ! People are smart enough to know that in order to thrive in this world you need expert help to navigate through the challenges and keep.your eyes on the prize until you achieve it!

Even to this day, individuals are torn between deciding whether their life needs any coaching or whether coaching can actually make their life’s much better! One needs to get over sled esteem issues to get over these questions! When you make fun of life coaching and self development you are only telling the world that you are a very vulnerable person hence you go to any lengths to protect your ego! One should ponder that by engaging in mockery of the personal development industry them thrive or makes them isolated to survival mode disconnected from the potential that is hidden in oneself.

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled
by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those
who have lighted the flame within us.

Albert Schweitzer

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