The only real purpose of a goal is to inspire you!

I’ve been running my coaching practice for few years now, so that coaches and individuals can build resilient and sustainable practices with robust framework. Because of the impact I have experienced through coaching I am a firm believer in life coaching as a way to fix the gap between where you are and where you want to be!

As a coach I get to observe other fellow coaches who are so passionate about helping their clients that they often take a sidestep from their own practices. They don’t bother much about sales, even though a lot of people could benefit from their unique approaches. The more clients you reach out, the more impact you can create in their lives.

I believe that helping coaches to work on their strong attributes impacts the quality of work they do. For this, I sometimes give an example of a tree distinction. When a coach begins his/ her journey there is this question whether they ar smart enough or they enough arrows in their quiver to strike the right spot , whether they have what it takes to be an solution centred coach!

Consider a tree, let’s say your client leaves their work each evening stops by this magnificent tree on the way home and just talks to the tree about his day. Let’s say your client does this every single day and figures out a solution by just talking to this tree brainstorming about possibilities and options to deal.with the challenges. We all.know that the tree will not talk back, it will.just be there.

By engaging in this habit of vocalising his issues to this tr e , your client notices that his life is.much lighter and improving for good. He feels all his worries are gone away by the time he reaches home and he even has creative ways of solving problems by just talking to the tree. So if a tree can do all this by just being there for your client, imagine the difference you can create as a life coach! Most of the time coaching someone is as simple as lending a ear, which motivates them to take action on something they want to achieve.

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