Are you isolated or connected?

To all the individuals who have asked me why I have paid a ton of money for people to coach me, I have asked them why should coaching be only for swimming or theatre ?!

Greatness is in thriving regardless of any industry you are in. You have to do a good job wherever you are! There is belief in Neuro Linguistic Programming , if someone can do it, so can you ! Period.

To lead a magnificent life we need to be excellent at doing whatever we do. That could put pressure on most of us, but as life coaches any thing that is challenging is like a breakfast.

Think about how successful you are at all of your do it yourself projects? You will be okay but not great , isn’t it? You will realise sooner or later that you do need help by a professional to chisel out the burning potential inside you. Sometimes it makes you frustrated when you ar not able to unravel your hidden potential! Many times, coaching is not pursued because it involves a huge investment and then there is a question of tangibility of returns. But for the ones who are brave and fearless to explore life coaching , you know the impact it can create!

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