What Would People Think about Me?

One of the most important quality for a coach to be successful is to rely on internal validation as against external validation which is achieved by getting approval from people.

A coaches main job is to instill confidence in the client, hence internal validation becomes a defining factor, a coach will be respected more if they are able to say they rely on their inner compass. Everyone is busy trying to change the world but no one wants to introspect into oneself and change from within.

You are your greatest asset, only if you are balanced mentally, physically and financially. Only if you are fit can you invest in stocks or real estate or anything that gives huge returns. I always believe that you need to be satisfied , fulfilled and aligned with yourself before you invest in something that gives good return. I believe life coaching has that ability to make you a whole person. There is a quote – “Nobody should go to their grave with their music still on”.

When you enroll for life coaching you will realise that your life can never be the same.

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