Keep your eyes on the price and enjoy your journey!

If you observe closely you can find that most of the people around you, abide by a formula that has been heedlessly or not so heedlessly taught to them by their schools, their universities, their organization s, their parents, or social spectrum. That is: If you work hard, you will become successful, and once you become successful, then you will be happy. This system of belief explains what most often drives us in life. We think: If I just get that raise, or hit that next target, I’ll be happy. If I can just get that next good grade, I’ll be happy. If I lose that ten pounds, I’ll be happy. And so on. Favourable outcome first, happiness later.

The only hitch is that this formula is damaged.

If success causes happiness, then every individual who gets a promotion, every student who receives an acceptance letter from their favourite universities, each and every individual who has ever accomplished a goal of any sort should be happy. But with each of our laurels, our goalposts of success keep getting pushed further and further out, so that happiness gets pushed beyond the boundary.

Waiting to be contented restricts our brain’s potential for success, whereas bolstering positive outlook makes us more inspired, organized, resilient, innovative , and fruitful, which drives performance upward.

The question is how do we become successful and be happy ?
Most of us hardly focus. We constantly feel a kind of disturbing psychic pandemonium because we keep trying to think of too many things at once. There’s always too many things on the back burner.

There was an inspiring talk given by former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson to his football players before the 1993 Super Bowl:

“I told them that if I laid a two-by-four across the room, everybody there would walk across it and not fall, because our focus would be that we were going to walk learn to sweat in peace that two-by-four, But if I put that same two-by-four stories high between two buildings only a few would make it, because the focus would be on falling. Focus is everything. The team that is more focused today is the team that will win this game.”

Johnson told his team not to be distracted by the crowd, the media, or the possibility of losing, but to focus on each play of the game itself just as if it were a good practice session.The Cowboys won the game 52-17.

Most of the time we lose focus in lige because we are distracted by too many negative possibilities. Instead of focusing on the two by four we are carried away by the consequences of falling.instead of concentrating on our goals we are deeply stirred up by fear and anxiety.

What happens when you choose to focus on “What you want ?” , Naturally you will start allowing it in your life! When you focus on being an inspired and a happy individual that’s who you will be !

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