Change your rules or strategy ?

Here’s the deal, when the conservatives lose elections, they change their strategy. When liberals lose elections they want to change the rules.

Dan Bongino

A lion was once caught in a cage. He did his best to escape but nothing worked .Then he saw a man passing by and asked for his help. Trusting the lion, the man opened the cage, the lion came out of the cage and forgot all about the promise. He now wanted to eat the man.

The man was worried and thought of a way to save his life. He suggested that they present their case to a judge. A jackal passing by was asked to be a judge. The jackal was quite clever. He asked them to show him what happened, the lion entered the cage again. The man quickly shut the door and locked it. The man and the jackal ran away teaching the ungrateful lion a lesson.


Bad strategy is not lack of any strategy. It crops out of particular Misconceptions and leadership dysfunction. Once you sensitize your radar to detect poor strategies, you will become dextrous at influencing and weighing the consequences.

The question is how do you know whether a strategy is good or bad?

Fuzzy language – Concepts that are mystical and blown out of proportion creating a misapprehension of high level thinking.

Inability to face the challenge – A poor strategy fails to recognize the challenge, when you are not clear about the challenge you cannot improve it!

Misrepresenting goals to strategy- A strategy is something that has clearly defined plan to overcome hurdles, whereas a goal is a statement of desire.

To succeed in life, you need the right amalgamation of skill, capabilities and a genuine drive to succeed.

Have you ever thought about – ” What has to happen to execute your goals?”

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