A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles

When times are challenging, every choice can seem overwhelming. It can be demanding to make significantly important Choices such as applying for a new role to trivial choices such as deciding between sandwich or pasta for dinner. Most of the times our intuition prompts us in the direction of our desires , our over thinking kills the clarity of choice and gets us stuck in uncertainty.

One of the best thing to do during such times of dilemma is to use your expertise, hands on knowledge and your gut feeling – which I would refer to as intuition.

We are aware that it is difficult to comprehend with our intuition, sometimes some of us are not tuned into listening to our intuitive voice.

Some tips to help you tap into your intuition and make decisions with ease are:

Make significantly important decisions while you are relaxed. When you are relaxed you can look into the issue objectively ,and your emotions are in control. When your emotions are running high we seek refuge under flight or fight responses. We may be losing the big picture while our energy is exhausted while feeding our emotions. One way to keep a tab on emotions is by taking a couple of deep breaths, when your nerves settle you will be able to decide better.

Doing a pros and cons list.
When you are caught up in the dilemma jotting down advantage versus disadvantages list can help you look at the issue more objectively.

Expand your awareness to your intuition – You can begin by small decisions such as what dress to wear, allow yourself to overthink trivial decisions and identify what seems right. Do not be overwhelmed by ” Right choices” , begin to accept your choices as it is. If you feel uncomfortable try to listen to the feeling. Once you get a hang of it you will be able to tune in to your intuition easily.

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