What difference does it make if you enroll for a coaching program?

What difference does this make if you enroll for our coaching program? All the difference in the world!

Individuals who are complete, unified,  self-actualizing, and who seek peak experiences are not playing it safe, they are not  trying to get back to comfort zones, or  afraid of change. These people embody change . They love to soak up, grow, spread out, spring up and change. They yearn to move to the next level of development. They are poignant in growth and learning. For them, change is a feat.

To apply an old model of change, built for people who are in smithereens and stymied and who need amelioration, encouragement security, is to use the wrong model. Every coaching program we’ve come across acknowledges, “Coaching is not therapy.” Yet only a few can define the distinction in any minutia, and even fewer actually use those distinction in coaching to internalising change in a coherent way.

Coaching is not solely a mushy and delightful chat that babbles about goals. Effective and masterful coaching is much more premeditated and commanding than that. It is client focused yet it is not non-commanding. Powerful coaching expedites a conversation that spurt into a sagacious dialogue through probing questioning and feedback.

A dynamic coach works with language, gesture, and conversation as a doyen in process. That is, the coach’s proficiency is in the meta-processes over and above the explicit content. This is what enables a coach to truly promote new potentials in a client.

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