How to know whether you are obsessed or not?!

The rampant knowledge of today’s business practice is that the distressing thoughts and feelings have no space at the workplace, and that employees, especially the heads of organization’s, should be either unemotional or perpetually utopian. They must exude confidence and disconnect from any dynamic emotions fizzing up inside them, especially the ‘negative’ ones.

But as we’ve observed, it contradicts the basic nature of human beings. No matter how good they are at what they do, all healthy human beings have an inherent flow of thoughts and feelings that include judgement, reluctance and fear. That’s just the human brain doing its job, trying to comprehend the world, predict and find resolutions, and dodge from potential dangers.

We now know that satisfaction and thriving in your personal life do not come from doing what the society say is right for you, but from aligning with your deep seated values. The same is true at work. While it’s conventional to accept certain limitations in a quid pro quo for a pay cheque, employment is not slavery, and employees are not chained. So how can you know whether you are obsessed or not?

Some of the indicators that say you are obsessed could be :

You are unable to let go of a belief or a thought of ‘being right’ even when there is an apparently better course of action.

You stay zipped when you know something is going off track.

You bury yourself with trivial tasks without recognizing the bigger picture.

You become unresponsive

You take initiative for insignificant assignments.

You backbite about colleagues.

You depend on presumptions or preconceived notions about your colleagues.

You aren’t taking control over your own prefessional development.

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