Stand guard at the door of your mind.

Can you imagine this?

It has been close to two years since the world hibernated.

If you’re still feeling high and dry, unhappy, or irked after all this time and you want to step aside from another year of these same emotions, there’s good news!

You can turn it all around right now all by yourself.

Because you can take a stand on what to zoom in on, in every moment of your life.

Decisions – NOT your external environs– are what ultimately determine our destiny.

There are three decisions we’re all making consciously or unconsciously…

And when you’re aware of these three decisions, you can fortify your decision-making muscle, gain more clarity into what you want, and ultimately create more happiness and more fulfillment in your life!

What am I going to zero in on?
What we choose to focus on affects our whole life.

Unfortunately, what most people focus on is what they fear – it’s our basic disposition.

We have a 2-million-year-old brain designed to keep us safe and vigilant keeping us from any potential danger!

What we focus on, we feel – whether it’s true or not. And as Tony says, “where focus goes, energy flows.”.

What if you spent this time concentrating on gratitude or nourishing a growth mindset?

What does this MEAN?
The meaning you assign to things will ultimately shape how you feel.

Is someone nit-picking at you, or instead offering valuable insights?

The most successful people in the world can take ANY experience and turn it around to make it work FOR them.

When you focus on creating a meaning that is empowering, your brain will find the resources to make it happen.

What am I going to DO?
How are you going to respond? How can you grow during this time?

If you’re angry, you’re going to do something different than if you’re feeling grateful.

Meaning has a profound impact on the actions you take (or don’t take)!

Making these decisions helps you move from a world where other people are making your decisions , to a world where you call the shots.
The quality of your life depends on your decisions, throughout a lifetime, you’ll make thousands of decisions.

These are three that you make DAILY that have tremendous influence in the present and the future.

It’s up to YOU to control your focus.

You can decide to be frustrated, angry, depressed or scared…

Or you can decide to be grateful, in control, and blessed.

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