The only limits we have are the limits we believe!

Our capability as human beings is limitless.

How much of that capacity we tap into, however, is influenced by our beliefs and values.

Empowering beliefs and values will result in magnanimous outcomes.

Disempowering beliefs and values results in playing safe, playing small, and getting insignificant inconsequential results.

The difference between you and a successful individual, between where you are now and where you want to be in your life is straightforward:

You must be disciplined and focus your determination– your personal power. Your ability to direct and condition your mind to act and produce results to close the knowing doing gap. The gumption and desire are within you – you just need to align them.

What people WILL do is often different than what they CAN do – and when you align your passion to go farther, try harder, and fail bigger with your hunger and drive… You’ll see your results follow suit.

Can you think about an area of your life where you can exercise more of your personal power? Where can you change your belief and value patterns and to empower new results?
In what area of your life would that make a difference for you?

Maybe you’ve been freewheeling in your career and it’s time to move up.

Maybe it’s about standing up to yourself be it in the gym or running marathons or swimming

Maybe it’s experiencing what waking up 10 minutes earlier could do for your morning routine.

Maybe it’s confronting the fear of being vulnerable to create even more intimacy in your relationships.

Make a plan now to execute goals and try it out for a week – defining your agenda to make it real and see what happens when you commit to truly analyzing what you’re competent of as a human being.

Who knows you might be the next Elon Musk!

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