What difference does it make if you enroll for a coaching program?

What difference does this make if you enroll for our coaching program? All the difference in the world! Individuals who are complete, unified,  self-actualizing, and who seek peak experiences are not playing it safe, they are not  trying to get back to comfort zones, or  afraid of change. These people embody change . They loveContinue reading “What difference does it make if you enroll for a coaching program?”

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a fascinating and stimulating experience into the journey of an individual’s perosonal development and progress. We see its meaning and outline as being that of mustering and propelling a clients resources to an agreed upon outcome. This means coaching is about harnessing our unseen talent, strength and ability to awaken them and takeContinue reading “What is Coaching?”

What Would People Think about Me?

One of the most important quality for a coach to be successful is to rely on internal validation as against external validation which is achieved by getting approval from people. A coaches main job is to instill confidence in the client, hence internal validation becomes a defining factor, a coach will be respected more ifContinue reading “What Would People Think about Me?”

The only real purpose of a goal is to inspire you!

I’ve been running my coaching practice for few years now, so that coaches and individuals can build resilient and sustainable practices with robust framework. Because of the impact I have experienced through coaching I am a firm believer in life coaching as a way to fix the gap between where you are and where youContinue reading “The only real purpose of a goal is to inspire you!”

Don’t You Know How to Live?

Successful coaches engage in work that is similar to a sculptor’s work. They see the potential in their client, and then they help the client emerge out of the mould that surrounding them. Soon the client begins to feel a new sense of freedom from believing in himself or having more faith in himself. TheContinue reading “Don’t You Know How to Live?”

What is Neuro Linguistic programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a modelling approach that presents a wide range of tools that can be used for handling touch situations and expanding your opportunities. It is a pragmatic and reasonable discipline involved in delivering results into your world. NLP begins with a mindset of passionate curiosity, when you are interested in how thingsContinue reading “What is Neuro Linguistic programming?”

Our Coaching Package

Enrolling for our Coaching Package ensures that we are always there for you. Sometimes it can feel so good to be aware that whatever is going on in your life, there is one person you can always talk to who can be completely understand what is happening and make sense of the situation: Through thickContinue reading “Our Coaching Package”

Online Coaching 1-to-1

Online coaching can be a great option if you want to accommodate significant changes to your life. It is natural to assume that, in order to work therapeutically, or get some life coaching, we need to be able to work together seamlessly. It could be face to face or virtually, the personal touch always hasContinue reading “Online Coaching 1-to-1”

12 Session Module

In my experience with clients, twelve sessions is the ‘magic’ number of sessions to empower a real shift among clients. These sessions are flexible and tailored to suit your personal situation and need. They can be coaching sessions, Hypnosis therapy sessions or a combination of the two. Unlike my Coaching Packages the sessions are often takenContinue reading “12 Session Module”

Why is NLP useful?

It can assist you to substantially improve your rapport building abilities and increase your level of influence, in extension to the rehearsing these activities will increase your tenacity and you develop dexterity with change. In business NLP approaches can help you substantially by increasing your sales, your leadership capabilities, stakeholder management. In your personal realmContinue reading “Why is NLP useful?”