The only limits we have are the limits we believe!

Our capability as human beings is limitless. How much of that capacity we tap into, however, is influenced by our beliefs and values. Empowering beliefs and values will result in magnanimous outcomes. Disempowering beliefs and values results in playing safe, playing small, and getting insignificant inconsequential results. The difference between you and a successful individual,Continue reading “The only limits we have are the limits we believe!”

Stand guard at the door of your mind.

Can you imagine this? It has been close to two years since the world hibernated. If you’re still feeling high and dry, unhappy, or irked after all this time and you want to step aside from another year of these same emotions, there’s good news! You can turn it all around right now all byContinue reading “Stand guard at the door of your mind.”

How to know whether you are obsessed or not?!

The rampant knowledge of today’s business practice is that the distressing thoughts and feelings have no space at the workplace, and that employees, especially the heads of organization’s, should be either unemotional or perpetually utopian. They must exude confidence and disconnect from any dynamic emotions fizzing up inside them, especially the ‘negative’ ones. But asContinue reading “How to know whether you are obsessed or not?!”


Imagine you could write a letter about your current self to your future self! Imagine who would you be ‘then’ .. And write about the individual you are now . What are some of the things that are very dear to you? How would you typically see your life? Initially writing a letter could notContinue reading “HOW DO I WANT MY LIFE TO LOOK LIKE?”

“Pennebaker’s Writing Rules”

Set a timer for twenty minutes. Open up your notebook (or create a document on your computer). When the timer starts, begin writing about your emotional experiences from the past week, month and year. Don’t worry about punctuation, sloppiness or coherence. Simply go wherever your mind takes you, curiously and without judgement. Write just forContinue reading ““Pennebaker’s Writing Rules””

Why invest in our Coaching program?

When you invest in a program , it’s natural to wonder what you will get and whether it’s worth your time, energy and money. You can find many coaching programs off the rack , you can also find few of them sincerely inspect the presuppositions and basis for the coaching per se. The frameworks weContinue reading “Why invest in our Coaching program?”

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles

When times are challenging, every choice can seem overwhelming. It can be demanding to make significantly important Choices such as applying for a new role to trivial choices such as deciding between sandwich or pasta for dinner. Most of the times our intuition prompts us in the direction of our desires , our over thinkingContinue reading “A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles”

Change your rules or strategy ?

Here’s the deal, when the conservatives lose elections, they change their strategy. When liberals lose elections they want to change the rules. Dan Bongino A lion was once caught in a cage. He did his best to escape but nothing worked .Then he saw a man passing by and asked for his help. Trusting theContinue reading “Change your rules or strategy ?”

Keep your eyes on the price and enjoy your journey!

If you observe closely you can find that most of the people around you, abide by a formula that has been heedlessly or not so heedlessly taught to them by their schools, their universities, their organization s, their parents, or social spectrum. That is: If you work hard, you will become successful, and once youContinue reading “Keep your eyes on the price and enjoy your journey!”

Are you isolated or connected?

To all the individuals who have asked me why I have paid a ton of money for people to coach me, I have asked them why should coaching be only for swimming or theatre ?! Greatness is in thriving regardless of any industry you are in. You have to do a good job wherever youContinue reading “Are you isolated or connected?”