Metaprograms in NLP: Big Chunk or Small Chunk

Observe the room around you. How would you illustrate this room to someone who has not seen it at all? Do you focus on spaciousness, aura, and style? Or do you focus your attention to the number of windows, color of equipment , and all the details? Or is it a mix of both? TheContinue reading “Metaprograms in NLP: Big Chunk or Small Chunk”

Metaprograms in NLP: Are you ‘Associated’ or ‘Dissociated’ person?

Imagine a conversation you recently had at your work, as you recall this conversation, direct your attention to the way you think about it. For instance, become aware of whether you are seeing, hearing and feeling the situation as if you are witnessing this from your own body, are you experiencing the from your ownContinue reading “Metaprograms in NLP: Are you ‘Associated’ or ‘Dissociated’ person?”

When curiosity can be a way to deal with anxiety!

Among all our human abilities, curiosity is the most quintessential quality one can ever aquire. From learning to survive in this world , to discovering things that never existed before, curiosity is the greatest boon to mankind. During 2020, I observed a 5 day cleansing detox ritual. With the covid situation reaching its peak, withContinue reading “When curiosity can be a way to deal with anxiety!”

Metaprograms in NLP : Are you ‘moving away from’ or a ‘moving towards something’ person?

Is your map of the world empowering or dis-empowering? What are some of the beliefs you have about yourself and others ? How we respond to our world can brighten our world or make it dark! Two individuals witnessing an event can have two different perceptions about their experiences. All of us filter our experienceContinue reading “Metaprograms in NLP : Are you ‘moving away from’ or a ‘moving towards something’ person?”


Anchoring is a powerful NLP technique for triggering a certain frame of mind or emotion, such as happiness, certainty, feeling powerful or deep relaxation. It usually involves a touch, gesture or word as an “anchor”, like a tab for a desired emotion, and fire it again later using that same anchor. How to use anchoring?Continue reading “Anchor”


As we are towards the end of the first quarter of 2021 let’s check how much we have de- cluttered our minds and our environment. We have survived a difficult year and come so far , disorganised and cluttered environment can add stress and disorder to the already work from home situation due to theContinue reading “De-clutter!!”

Stimulus Response Conditioning

Do you remember your school song from your #childhood? Or do you remember a song, that you used to sing with your best #friends in your school? Or a song which you shared with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Or a song that you played on your piano or any other musical instrument ? When youContinue reading “Stimulus Response Conditioning”

Time Management Matrix – How to use it?

The time management matrix is an effective tool to balance productivity and your time. It can be utilized by coaches in the field of career, life coaching, wellness coaching and spiritual coaching. It can help get your clients life to be more organized and focused. It is a compelling tool to use in your oneContinue reading “Time Management Matrix – How to use it?”

Strategies in NLP

A strategy is when you are able to repeat a specific syntax that constitutes your external or /and internal experience which has the ability to produce a specific successful outcome. As Humans, we experience our maps of the world in our preferred representation systems. To understand this sequence it is wise to direct our focusContinue reading “Strategies in NLP”

Self Talk and NLP

Have you noticed how you talk to yourself when you are in front of the mirror? Yes? You are not alone, and you certainly are not crazy! Mind represents the inner dialogue in the form of auditory and digital depiction. This is the reason you hear voices in your mind and the meaning gets attachedContinue reading “Self Talk and NLP”